Punk Blockers OS

The Punk Blockers are the Division 1 representative women’s team for BCR at the Open Season tournaments held through out the year.

Team Values
Commitment, athleticism, communication, teamwork and integrity.

Our team chant
“Day by Day
We get better & better
Until we can’t be beat

Team Colours
Red, black and white tartan.

 2016 Team
05 Hook’Her, 11 Fang Fiend, 14 Thundapuss, 18 Horror Lulu,
32 Slash-ur-Heart ScareBear (C), 40 Unforgiving Bunny,
52 Claire Bitch Project, 65 VaLozzarapta,  66 Tiny, 77 Elfish Bitch, 99 Moe Money (VC), 102 WREGG- U LATER,  115 Nick Rofilia,
313 Kimbokazee,  455 RocketMaam, 76 Brutal Deluxe &
999 Narsty.
Support Crew
Troppstar (Coach) , Shirley (Assistant Coach) & Blondie (Bench).

2017 team to be announced soon…

Rah Rah BCR!