Roller Derby

The Game (Bout)

Each team fields five players onto the track consisting of four blockers and a jammer, they go on track for a jam which lasts two minutes or less if the lead jammer calls it off. The Jammer on each team (identified by the star on their head) has to race the opposing jammer through the pack (blockers) and around the track (one full lap after passing all opposing blockers) to get onto a scoring pass.

Once on the scoring pass the jammer’s objective is to get as many points by passing the members of the other team until the jam is called off. The blockers objective (from the start of jam) is to protect their points by stopping the opposing team’s jammer from getting through the pack.

Here is a very simple video explanation:
Roller Derby: The Basics of Flat Track Roller Derby – WFTDA –Youtube, WFTDA 10 Oct 2014.

At first the rules of the game can be quite daunting to spectators and new skaters, so if you are at a bout don’t be afraid to ask a derby person close to you and they will explain it. We are all very friendly and love to talk about roller derby.  Also when watching a bout check out your favourite team’s jammer and see how their team members help them through the pack.

Watch us in action on our youtube channel.

There is an App for Iphone called Intro to Flat Track Roller Derby available from the AppStore or from