Referees & Officials

First and foremost, roller derby loves it’s officials and referees! Roller derby can not happen without a full referee pack and non-skating official crew.


Like league skaters, referees join our league at a FUNdamental level and learn all fundamental skate skills. However, rather than specialising in bout skating, they specialise in how to manage, control and implement the WFTDA standards.

Mentoring plays a major role in referee development and we continually provide opportunities for our referees to engage with WFTDA accredited referees and to take the track at all scrimmages and invitational bouts, such as Open Season and tournaments.

So with this in mind, if you’re not sure if you wan to bout but are keen to skate, get in touch and we can show you what opportunities are available to you with Brisbane City Rollers.

Non-skating officials

Like referees, roller derby cannot happen without our non-skating officials. Non-skating officials work with our referees to manage, monitor and implement the WFTDA standards.

Non-skating official roles include (just to name a few), line up trackers, scoreboard operators, score keepers, penalty box managers, and many many more. The roller derby community relies on the efforts of our non-skating officials and they form the backbone of every bout and tournament. So if you are keen to be involved, but skating is not your thing, join our non-skating officials.

Want to know more?

Referees and officials are always welcome whether you are experienced or wanting to learn, WE WANT YOU.  Contact us to express an interest.

There are multiple skating and non-skating options available and we can teach you everything you need to know.  This is a great opportunity for all the people that do not want to skate but want to be actively supportive of their family members or friends.  It is also good for those who can’t play roller derby for health reasons etcetera or who try roller derby and for whatever reason it doesn’t fit quite right.

At the end of the day, the league has a place for everybody! Join us!