Member Stories

Princess Jam Slam (She/They)

Growing up surrounded by this amazing league taught me how to be strong, assertive, supportive, and loving to myself and everyone around me🌈.

I started skating with BCR in 2019 at age 16, but my journey with the league began in 2010. After watching roller derby at Skateaway right before speed skating training, my Mum, AKA Speed Angel, joined without hesitation. At the time there were no junior roller derby teams that I could join locally, but this didn’t stop my excitement and eagerness to play. Nine year old me wanted to be a Punk Blocker, and she was determined to get there!

After 2 years of watching Mum enjoy all of the derby fun, I joined my first league, Digi Dodgers, in 2012. Yes, I was in the era of dressing up for games, and you bet I had all of the long colourful socks! Two junior nationals representing Queensland and a trip to America for Team Australia Juniors later, I started training with BCR in 2019.

Coming into my first year at BCR I had no expectations of playing, yet the year 2019 brought two incredible and unforgettable tournaments. My childhood self was screaming as she put the red and black tartan jersey on, and got to play with her idols! Those 8 years waiting to join the tartan army were well worth the wait because being a member at BCR is not only a great way to get physically active but I’m able to channel the best parts of myself.

When I’m around the phenomenal people at BCR, my mind feels clear and fresh, I feel freedom and safety, I feel loved, and I feel supported. That’s not something you come across everyday. Brisbane City Rollers isn’t just your roller derby league, they are family. If you’re thinking about joining, do it! I promise that you won’t regret it ❤️🖤

Princess Jam Slam playing roller derby