The Red Kennedys


The Red Kennedys are the Division 2  travel team for the Brisbane City Rollers. The Red Kennedys participate in various bouts throughout the year.  As a representative squad, the Red Kennedys line-up is continually updated to include new team members who want to take their roller derby to the next level and to represent the league at tournaments Australia-wide.

Tell me more about the Red Kennedys…

The Red Kennedys (formerly the Nasty Nancies) is one of BCR’s representative teams. They compete in bouts and tournaments across Australia. They are the current winners of Northern Rivers Revolt and the proud keepers of the Lighthouse after winning for a second time running in 2023!

(Photos by @Skatepixbystitch  on IG & FB)

Watch the Red Kennedys in action on our youtube channel.