Punk Blockers

The Punk Blockers (affectionately known as the “PBs“) are the Division One representative squad for the Brisbane City Rollers. The PB’s are a group of like-minded skaters, wanting to represent themselves, the league and their sport positively. Sporting black, red and white tartan uniforms the PB’s can be heard chanting;

“Day by Day

We get better & better

Until we can’t be beat



History of the Punk Blockers

The Punk Blockers were first seen on track in December 2009. After their debut, the Punk Blockers joined  forces with the Townsvillians’ to take a team to the inaugural national tournament, The Great Southern Slam in 2010.

The Punk Blockers were one of the original participating teams in the QLD State tournament, ‘Tropicarnage Cup’ and  continue to travel to Adelaide bi-annually to participate in ‘The Great Southern Slam’.

Recently the Punk Blockers came first in Division One of Tropicarnage Cup 2023 before traveling to New Zealand in November 2023 and going undefeated at the Trans-Tasman Tussle 2023. The Punk blockers are currently gearing up for The Great Southern Slam in Adelaide in June 2024.

punk blocker chant

Punk Blocker Team Values:

Commitment, athleticism, communication, teamwork, and integrity.


Watch the Punk Blockers in action on our youtube channel.